PROfessional photographers

We are London’s very best professional photographers. Commercial photography for business, Creative photographic work for agencies, Ultra-Hi profile images for: the web, magazines, full websites and everything in between.


What we do.

We take photographs for people and companies. We work as a technical and creative photographic team to achieve outstanding results. We are successful because we try harder. We are busy because we are the best. In other words we care about good photography and not about being big headed. If you are looking for a talented someone to take some brilliant photographs for you, you have come to the right place. Call now or bookmark this site for safe keeping. We are the best photographers money can buy try us and see.

How are we so good and not charge millions?

1. Digital workflow has changed moving film and professional photography for ever. With digital manipulation, lower costs of equipment and some imagination, there 1000s of creative ways we can give you better and more effective photography for less.

2. You are getting amazing photography wholesale, direct form the creators. Our fees are not pumped up by international agents or managers.

3.The Photography-Factory is based on good team effort and not ego. We all work uncredited.

4. We are specialists in creative photography. We keep it clean, simple, efficient.

5. We do not need to spend any part of your money to advertise ourselves, our work is all the promotion we need. So your budget is used for Professional photography only.

6. Creative, dedicated, affordable our quality and dedication are exceptional and when given a great project; the best photographers in London or anywhere.

7. We are always open to fresh ideas, big challenges and limits.

8. We bring youth, maturity, energy and experience to every photographic project.


Same day answers and results

We will discus your photography needs with no obligation.

We then give you an accurate detailed quotation, probably today.

Call Now and lets get things rolling today.



A digital democracy

Taking good photos is not hard, almost everyone can afford a good camera, never the less doing great photography, being relevant, every time, every day, and for every client take a lot of serious effort.  This may seem an unusual photography company as we do not use individual names on this website. We do great work, because we pool our ideas and experience and leave the “superstar photographer ego” thing to others. If anyone tells you they are part of Photography-Factory, they are not. We do not need to boast, send out spammy emails or hustle for work, we are always waiting to get started on new projects. Call now +44 (0)207 118 7677″