Photography prices: fees and costs

Whatever your project we are happy to quote. Call us.

We pride ourselves on being the best photographers you can find online, we would like to say we are the best in the world… Let’s just say that you will have to be extraordinarily lucky to find a company that will take you project and work on it as hard as we will.

Photography with us will cost from £4500 ($5000) per day.  We only work at one standard: the best. If you would be kind enough to hire us to do your photography of film project, YOU will be in safe hands, we will do our very bests to give you images that will turn heads around the world.

A full day’s photography can often be sufficient time to photograph:

Several portraits
Dozens of products for an ecommerce website
interiors of a large estate or hotel
Stills for a simple effective ad campaign
An image for a record cover and some publicity shots
A full PR image set to market a product or service
A themed fashion story or a full collection

Commercial photography clients will on average spend about £11,600 with us on a project, and they keep coming back! We never forget, that these days you can buy a decent fully automatic digital SLR camera for about £2500 ($3000) and shoot some great images for yourself. The key to success is of course, to get the best images – The quality of your pictures is critically important in our visually oriented, online world. If you want a big advantage over the competition make sure you look better!
We will work within your budget but we do not do poor work, we can save a lot of money, especially as you will not have to do your images twice.  We are some of the worlds top photographers and charge some of the most expensive fees but amazingly many existing clients consider us to be amazing value! We are confident you will too. Get in touch now.


Wedding Photography:

Our prices for weddings start at amazing and go all the way to incredible.

We get asked almost every day to shoot weddings but we only accept a few projects a year  – Boring ordinary wedding photography isn’t our thing. It is a waste of a brilliant opportunity. We specialize in beautiful creative work, our main clients are wealthy and oftenindividuals,  advertising agencies, commercial giants and international PR organisations.

So if you have ultra high quality in mind and a budget we’d be excited to do something beyond beyond all expectations. Do not delay, we get booked quickly, call us.