Free Photography? !

And it won't cost you your shirt...

A top photographer working with you on killer images, does not have to cost you your shirt.


Sometimes, we do photography for free!

Do you need the services of great professional photographers? Maybe you need world class images? But can’t afford it*  🙁

We believe that it is well worth helping talented people get started from time to time. All you have to do to get this started is read this post and if you feel we are what you are looking for send us an email (or call) and explain your project and why we should do your photography for free or a close to free as we can**. We have helped “create” some world beating images which helped create some glittering careers which created some fantastic paying clients (Thats creativity for you). All this was done by helping out genuine broke wannabes and startups who had what it takes. As you can imagine as top photographers we get a lot of requests, but we are alway happy to listen and if we can help we will. If we pick your project, you will owe us nothing, we only ask that if you “make it”, you stay loyal to the people that believed in you and come back to for your future photography stuff.

This service is designed for people with a lot of talent or a fantastic idea or startup business and insufficient funds to pay the for truly great photographs that will make all the difference. Sorry but this service is not intended for millionaires who will do anything not to pay for things, people with plenty of money but who only like to spend it on nice things for  themselves or broke narcissists who just want to be the frame for no better reason than they feel they are so much better than everyone else (and usually are so not!). If you are going places, and can’t afford the images that we all know make the difference, this might just be the answer to your prayers…. 

We promise to do our best, we will not treat a free project as a less than any other, but you need to do your best to make sure we have not wasted our time and USE our hard work to succeed!

We have done lots of free work in the past, we are happy to say that more than a few of these people are now highly successful, rich and famous. We are just sorry we can’t help everybody, but things get very busy round here and we have to pay bills too.

Why would anybody do this? We are trying to use our talent to make you, our new client, successful. What could make more sense, than in a few years time,  we have a whole bunch of loyal successful, rich and happy future clients, who remember who helped them when they needed it? We would call that a pretty good reason.

Call today if you feel you could qualify.


* Even at our low prices!

** If your idea requires professional makeup, hairstyling, wardrobe, props or extensive retouching, and if we are to keep to our standards, it probably will.  Then theses extras will need to be sourced and sorted by someone, and if we are doing all the photography for free then that someone: is you (or your other fans). We are happy to work with you if you have something, but there is little point us doing great photos if the make up etc is going to be done by someone who does not know what they are doing, it will be amateurish and be wasting your time. So do your part, and we will do ours.