Ethics and Guarantees


Photography-Factory Code Of Conduct:


We are the best and we will do our best.

We treat every client as we do the world’s most famous stars and celebrities.

Whether you job is £500 or £50,000 you will get more than you paid for.

Any confidential information acquired by a us in the course of our professional duties shall not be divulged to any third party.

We will conduct ourselves so as to uphold the reputation the spirit and dignity of our profession.

We will strive continually to uphold the professional standard of our work and to improve the standard of practice in the profession as a whole.

We will deal fairly, honestly and helpfully with our clients, employer, employees, suppliers and fellow photographers and when required to give professional opinion shall do so conscientiously and without malice.

We shall exercise all reasonable skill, care and diligence in the discharge of our duties and, in so far as any of their duties are discretionary, shall act fairly and in good faith.

We shall ensure that advertisements and other public announcements with which our name, or the name under which we practice is associated, are not such as would bring us or our clients into disrepute.

We will not use client information or commissioned images to promote ourselves in any way to which we are not entitled.
We shall at all times and in all respects conduct this good professional and business operations within the law.

We shall abide by, and assist the resolution of any dispute via a conciliation service whether such service be requested by us or the client.

We shall co-operate with any investigations by tax, police or other bodies of the law, but we reserve the right to give our clients the full protection of complete confidentiality, unless ordered to give information by order of court.

We will only take payment from a client if we are fully satisfied with our work. If ever a client is unhappy with what we have done we will offer to re shoot said work charging NO photography fee.

This conduct will apply to our company and to all our photographers alike.


So say we all, so say we all.

Photography-Factory:  The best professional photographic work you can buy at any price.


Our code of conduct is based on the Master Photographers Association, SWPP and BIPP codes of conduct.