Equipment makes for smooth workflow.

The right equipment for each task will make for a much easier day. This leads to more productivity and gives time for creativity, all feeding into better results and smoother workflow. Here is some of our equipment:

Digital SLR

Our DSLR cameras are Nikon D810: a truly inspiring 36 megapixel DSLR with some of the best performing lenses ever produced. We have recently reviewed this camera  here on our website, please have a read! If this kind of thing is interesting to you. I guess if you have clicked on a page called equipment and read this far there is a good chance you are…


Medium Format Digital

The mighty Hasselblad XD1 has a whopping 50 megapixels, match that with lenses that cost several thousands of pounds each you can see why we love using these cameras, the only drawback is they are expensive to buy (we need to have 4 plus a spare) and the autofocus is slow for moving subjects. But the quality!




Medium Format Film

The mighty Pentax 6X7 is a camera that has been shooting 120 film since the dawn of time, these beasts almost never break down and are still the preferred camera of fashion professionals all across the globe when only the best quality will do.



Black and white film / art photography


Rolleiflex 2.8f 1963: This is often considered the best camera ever made, it certainly takes some amazing images, only one of our top shooters can get the best out of it, as it is very complicated to use, and worth a small fortune. But when used in the right way this amazing camera can out perform everything out there the results in Black and white are so beautiful they are almost other worldly. The crazy truth about these now very rare cameras were £2000 in 1963, roughly the same price as a five bedroom house in Kensington at that time: that same house would be about £900,000 these days so you can just guess the amount of work that went into making one of these. Maybe that part of the reason they are a legend. Still it is only a camera and it is only as good as the person using it. Although there is very little call for this camera we are proud to be it’s current owners




Large format Digital and Film

The Sinar p3 is fully integrated into Sinar modular system.This also applies to the use of Sinar digital back adapters as well as the Sinar Macroscan for greatly increased resolution (up to 144 million pixels) and a greater digital imaging area (up to 6×6 cm). It also applies to the use of a Sinar p3 for chemical photography with roll film holders and sheet film up to 4×5”.





Profoto is the best studio and location flash that money can buy: fully soft wear controlled and rugedised to the highest level.




Apple Mac and photoshop are the perfect tools, and possibly the most important ones after the capture devices.

Bye bye steve jobs, we owe you a hell of a lot…




Photography As a living Is a privilege.