Photography-Factory is made up of six top professional photographers and film makers working out of our central London studios. We do some of the best and most expensive shoots in the UK and between us have won and achieved numerous accolades.

Digital Brilliant Photographers

It is clear that in this digital age that perfect visual content is in high demand. We pride ourselves in producing highest quality images that are creative, inspirational and beautiful. We are supported by a staff of in-house creative well versed in retouching, editing, booking and pre-production...No matter if you need a perfect commercial portrait, a web viral film, or an international advertising campaign – we are the most professional solution to your businesses photography and well worth our higher than average fees. Our staff is made up of diverse talents who have a shared passion for visual imaging. We pride ourselves on being able to take an idea or concept and create vivid imagery that commands attention, and often goes viral without any seeding or addition publicity.
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Legal Mumbo-Jumbo: Because this sweet world is full of legal vipers and enchanting tricksters preying on busy innocents we are required to say: “The information contained on this website is all personal opinion, completely made up by functioning lunatics (aka “artistic types”), and you certainly should not try anything we say, or do anything we suggest, or buy anything purely based on our advice.” None the less we hope you will find some of it very interesting, perhaps even useful in abstract. OK?.

About This Website: Our website was built not only to attract new clients but to showcase our latest work in photography and film. To entertain ourselves, our clients and our friends, we also include personal work we’ve done for research or amusement.
In our “diary” we publish photography-related advice and comment on the industry in an honest and candid nature. We have accumulated a lot of experience in professional photography from hundreds of shoots from all over the world. As we stumble on things we feel might be interesting we will put them here for anyone to find and perhaps learn from. We also review equipment that we use ourselves in a very honest and unbiased way.

  • Joan Avina
    I hired these guys as I was told they shoot they best photographic portraits of CEOs, CFOs, partners and directors. After a few questions about what we wanted, they came to our main offices in Liverpool Street built a studio in out long boardroom, then went to our building in Abu Dabbi and twice to Dubai to photograph everybody in the same week. The portraits were so good it was ridiculous, and they all matched perfectly, they charged us about £26k with worked out about 1k per director. Literally the most popular thing I have organised for the company. Recommended.
    Joan Avina
  • David Miller
    Very easy going photographers, smart, funny and fast. We have used them 5 times and never had the slightest compliant even though we have asked for the moon. One "warning", these are top end photographers, they are NOT cheap, but the work is truly outstanding! Far and away the best photographers we have found in London.
    David Miller
    Kinsey and partners
  • Alice Johns
    The No 1 photographer anywhere. Easily worth the top rank fees. They were very funny and very quick. The pictures were just perfect, the retouching was AMAZING and totally invisible. They are popular with out art directors, client handlers and clients a first for a photographer. Book them, you will never regret it.
    Alice Johns
    MCS London