Felicity Jones the brightest star in STAR WARS – ROGUE ONE

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Felicity Jones star wars

As Photographers with quite a background in meeting and working with the worlds most amazing and attractive women we like to think that we know a thing or two about the subject. Also though our own creative output we get to meet quiet a cross section of actors and actresses though our own casings. So meeting Miss Felicity Jones a few years back was quite an ordinary day here at the best photographers in world kind of way. Only she is not your ordinary beautiful actress: she is in person probably 3x nicer and 6x more attractive that she will ever appear on screen, With almost no effort whatsoever she captured the heart of almost everyone working here, and stayed in our memory long after. She moves with an effortless grace that maybe has a touch of control that have good actresses have over their movement, she talks softly but wth complete purpose, strait at you, looking you solidly in the eyes, and with out any suggestion of flirting she will almost imperceptibly melt you little beating heart until you find yourself smiling sweetly at almost anything she chooses to say or do.

We have know Felicity for a little while now and have to say she is a remarkable talent and a delight in front of the the stills Camera, and just to know. We wanted to show you a unique and totally unpublished image of her, something you will not see anywhere else, something that is a little out of the ordinary, not in character at all just an open window on the soul of a real star with real magic, our top portrait Photographer, Angelo said quietly after seeing Felicity socially a while back: that she had “the same kind of silent presence that Angelia Jolie used to have at the beginning” – high praise from someone who has known and photographed more of most talented and beautiful women in the world than almost anyone, all with an honest sensitivity we here at Photography-Factory.co.uk are rightly proud to represent.

This totally un-retouched  image of her is a favourite photograph, she comes across more herself , less wide eyed sex bomb and more honest to goodness beauty and dedicated actress. A few years ago we said watch out world, now we would like to revise that to “in our opinion; you haven’t seen anything yet!”

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