Daniel Craig Portrait Photograph – Life, Love and Film Career after James Bond, all in one look.

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September 23, 2016
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Felicity Jones the brightest star in STAR WARS – ROGUE ONE
December 23, 2016


Shooter One photographed Daniel Craig recently, as a clash of two amazing talents we knew this image was going to have a confrontational quality well beyond Daniel’s intense gaze. Most of the still images of the actor to date have been massively disappointing, some of the very best photographers have consistently failed to capture the detail complexity of this brilliant english actor and none of the presence and fire for which he is renown. Though this is just the simplest of black and white portraits, and like all of Shooter One’s studio sessions , it was completed in extremely short time – none the less it has already been hailed as one of the finest images of the actor ever. We have already had collector enquiries for prints, from as far as Japan and Germany.

It is the second time they have worked together the last time was in 2009, on that occasion things ended in sparks with in Daniel leaving the session in middle of a shot; possibly annoyed at shooter ones intrusive style of photography.  This time Daneil gave Shooter One the unguarded access into his personality that he has so obviously given to very few still photographers in recent history, and from this session emerges a starkly different character to the ice cold James Bond or distant lady killers we normally see on magazine covers.

Shooter One has photographed many of the most famous actors, musicians and politicians in the world, but even so this portrait seems to stand out as something brilliant. “Daniel stands with a new confidence, his air is that of a master at the top of his career, a man in charge of the landscape before him assured and loaded to step forward into greater challenges” Nothing seems to convey this point in the actors life quite as sutbley as this outstanding personal portrait, but it burns with so much more as well.

We will be producing a single limited edition of ten art prints from this image for collectors. Please email us ASAP if you would like to purchase, when they are sold there will be no reissue or extension of this print run. The price is $5,000 a signed and numbered black and white silver gelatine prints in 70cm by 50cm plus a large white border.





  1. Dorla says:

    Big fan with this site, your articles or blog posts have truly helped me out with my course, do you take interns?

  2. Kathy says:

    Truly amazing image! Sexiest ever. I have bookmarked your site on our agency hot list. Can you send me some more images from this shoot?

  3. LCR says:

    A very impressive image, the best i have ever seen of him, and very motivating! As a “no1 fan” all i can say is why didn’t you guys shoot the film? It looks so flat compared to your images.

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