Gym Publicity & Advertising Campaign

Oliver – Actor and Model
August 20, 2016
black and white portrait master
Daniel Craig Portrait Photograph – Life, Love and Film Career after James Bond, all in one look.
October 13, 2016



We were approached by a bespoke or boutique gym frequented entirely by celebrities, the ultra rich and some professional athletes! They had been to several adverting agencies and seen ideas from about 12 other professional photographers based in LA, and New York. They were basically very unhappy with  the standard of work. They contacted us because they needed some portraits of the UK directors, but they were so happy with the job we did that they asked us if we had any ideas for their advertising. Normally we do not get involved in competition with advertising agencies; as they are some of our best clients and they are having a tough time of it right now, but as they were dealing with agencies in New York and were not dealing with any London agencies we came up with up with a series of photographic images and ideas to give some sense of fun and style to the Campaign.

Most of the campaign material produced by the USA based add agencies for the large gym chains like LA fittness and Virgin gyms are by and large rubbish, and serve mainly to let people know about special offers, they are in our opinion a waste of space. So when they liked our work so much that we were asked to direct the whole campaign: we jumped at the chance to have a little style fun… And low and behold we won the work!!!

The objective was to get more young women to join the gym, we only had a budget of £29,000 (an add agency had quoted $175,000) but we managed to do all the photography at the gym and on location in Canada, produce the graphics and the banners and update the website.

We are happy to report that we were informed that membership is up 47% on the same period the previous year as a direct result of our work (70% of these were women between 18 and 25).

As a bonus for how effective our work was we were all presented with free memberships.  (now we just need to find some time to go…. : )


Here are a couple of out takes that we did for fun…. you might recognise the model!



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