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March 10, 2016
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September 23, 2016

We do a few things for free here at the factory, if someone has something special, a great talent or one of those faces, we will consider (in a written description) why we should help you out with a few hours in the studio. This is a very rare thing, we can only do a few free shoots from time to time, and so competition is fierce for these opportunities. We hope that if we help you now you will remember us when you are famous and rich. To qualify you must be something special*, hard working**, and not have the money*** to pay our very good value normal fees.


* We would love to shoot everyone for free, but we would go bankrupt in a week. We try to choose those people who will get the most out of having brilliant pictures. If you are a brilliant singer, an amazing band, or have a brilliant business idea we will be happy to listen to you.

** By shooting you for free we are backing you with our time and talent. We need you to take our work and make it work. If you are not going to work hard yourself  then we will be doing it all for nothing.

***Millionaires pleading poverty to save money do not go down well with us, if you have the money please pay our very reasonable rates, you will not have to wait and the images are worth it)


We review the requests about every two or three months, but we get back to everyone so do not bombard us with emails asking if we have looked at your application, assume it is a no, and we will contact you.

See the Free Stuff section in the menu to find out more.

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