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A simple guide, to getting things to turn out exactly they way they should.

Strangely your education can be ruined more by poor teachers that by the choices of poor subjects and courses. Choose the best lecturers, education is to build yourself, if you turn out shining you can move freely in any direction you fancy later on in your career. If poor teachers kill you curiosity for discovering and learning, you are left just a robot that tells people what you want and makes food into poop, the world has enough of those.

There is a voice in your head that comes from others’ expectations. That’s your personal upbringing, DNA and poor experiences messing with you. Choose a new narrator for yourself and you tell them exactly what kind of stuff to say, Listen to advice but remember that by nature it is cautionary, if you wait for other people to give you the “OK” to be amazing, you will wait forever at the starting line.

To get into a career you need brains, heart, judgment and a little flair– much more than age and experience. When it is your turn, hire people that way too. The people your work alongside must be people you like.  If you are surrounded by “takers” get out of that situation and tell them why you are going – the world is changed by everyone rebuffing negativity. If you are happy at work you will work hard and it will feel great. Respect the audience (or clients, or public, or whoever your labours ultimately serve) and they will respect you.

Learn from your own mistakes. But take the long view and be easy on yourself and others, it is only human to make errors, just make sure you try your best not to.

Some people have it too easy, do not be jealous. Celebrate any success when deserved. Do not get caught up with people who cheat, they will drag you down.

Always look for patterns. Positive & negative. Success is usually about spotting something everyone else sees but does not do anything with. A lot of the most painful life-fails are due to other peoples actions, unfortunately we all meet bad people from time to time who will do us big wrongs, most of these people do that same things again and again, unable to change their spots. From now on you need to learn from the past, look for the signs and avoid, neutralise or squash those situations and don’t get caught again.

Every ten years you need to change your some big things around yourself, think of your life as a great book with a new exciting chapter every ten years. I started mine when i was 6, then 16 was a great step forward into the unknown, 26 was when things really moved for me… the important thing is now the next ten.

Now write down you goals and share (even though it can be embarrassing) them with the 5 people you know best (i.e. that know you best) then change them when you need to and do not let other people make you feel bad when you do. Having goals will make great things happen much faster that you think, getting stuck on a goal that has moved out of reach is quicksand to your life – be free to go another way.

Leave any job where you can’t find happiness and meaning, you career is only working when you are moving forward toward where you what to be, never be on the run from anything in you work or past.

Now this one is important: Be a cheerleader – not a policeman – for your kids. Hug them every time you  see them and make them understand they are loved, make absolutely sure they never loose that feeling you are proud of them. Make them laugh at least one a day. Do the same for your partner and surprise them for time to time.

At some point everyone will have to say good-bye to their parents well before the time comes, do not leave it too late, thank them for what they gave you and forgive them what they did not, break the cycle history has left for us all, be better than the roll you got from those dice. Never dwell on what could have been, or you will not see whats coming.

Sit down and write the speech you would like read out at your funeral – then do something about the short fall in what you wish they will say and what you honestly deserve thus far… no time like today to start fixing that up.

You might have noticed that there was no mention of photography, thats because until you get “you” right, what kind of photographs do you think you will take?

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