The Facebook Profile Picture: The most important portrait photograph you will ever need?

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February 26, 2013
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May 11, 2013

Photographic portraiture is entirely changed. The online profile is one of the most important images you can have in your life whether it be your Facebook, LinkedIn or even your online dating profile; the correct image will make people think of you in a different way to the way they did before. It could make someone hire you, or fall in Love with you, or dismiss you as an irrelevance. Here at photography-factory we take profile pictures incredibly seriously, in fact some of our clients have spent upwards of £10,000 producing profile images that actually “change their lives”. It seems excessive, but if that image get you the Job, the wife, the film role, you have always dreamed of is it so crazy?

Ultimately how people view affects how they feel about you, how they might want to react all all do business with you, whether or they might want to marry you one day. All of these interactions are often taken place online until very large extent people judge you by appearances. Hence it is vitally important to create that vital first impression and sometimes that the difference can be: the difference between meeting that contact that is going to completely change your life.

At photography factory we work on modern portraiture whether it be an actor trying to re-profile his or her career or just an individual trying to go on an online dating site for the first time. Whatever the client needs to make the image perfect we will source whether it be a fantastic hairdresser to create that perfect look, fashion stylists to update you look or just to provide the correct formal attire for an image, we can supply world -class make-up artists who work with celebrities on magazines and Hollywood movies: if you need to go that far. Also we can provide retouching to optimise the image to the kind of standards that unfortunately are pretty much essential in today’s world, for anyone with a high profile.

But fundamentally this is always about great photography: choosing the right kind of image, the right kind of perspective, a suitable background and the right lighting, those are the things that will really make a portrait photograph stand out and give it that special something that people will notice.


One of our clients (not the one pictured) an ex-army Major has been on an online dating site for quite a while now. He came to us seeking a new profile picture for this site, money was no object and so we tried our hardest to produce an image, the objective was: to improve the quality of the candidates who were requesting dates and meetings. He was getting about two or three requests the dates per week which he was quite happy with and out of those candidates he was finding about one in four suitable for a second date. He already had a very handsome photograph so the challenge was really to produce something that better represented him and also that we felt showed his true self as there is nothing more disappointing in online dating than a photograph that flatters too much. About two weeks after we gave him the final images we received a very polite email explaining that in the second week after he had placed the new images online he had received 192 requests the dates! He is now engaged to a lady that he met shortly after this, so I guess that could be called a success! Hopefully they will name their first born after the photographer that made it all possible!!

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