LHU – Let’s Hook Up – A modern photographic teenage love story.

Charles – Portrait Photography – Business Image
September 20, 2012
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October 13, 2012

a teenage love story in photographs

Shooter 5 is 17 years old and she has just finished work on a new fashion spread for a design client, here are some of the first roughs from the shoot. When we have some time I will upload a few more images from this shoot. But damn if it is hard t find time away from photography to do the simple and important admin tasks from our photographic lives….

The images were shoot on location in and around west london and the M25, we tried our best to support this shoot but Shooter 5 was to a very large extent left to her own devices. Not a bad thing when you have that quality of imagination.

I think you might recognise Oliver if you were paying attention, he impressed us so much we booked him for this job!



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