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We have just finished a series of black and white portrait photographs, we hope you like this work.

Charles is the owner of a UK based multinational business, he came to photography factory looking for a new image for his clients overseas, many of these clients, particularly in China may never meet Charles so he needs an image to project both himself and the ethos of his organisation. We put it up here as an example of what we can do for a prestige client who knows the value of a great public image. Charles has informed us that his long distance orders are up by 167% since he started using the new image. We like to think we know why…

This image was shot in colour at our studios in Chelsea central London. It took about half an hour to shoot Charles on a friday evening (he is very very busy) on his way to the hellipad to return to his beloved Devon. The image was shot on at f8, using 4 lights and a two reflectors. preparing the lights and studio in advance of Charles arrival took about 3 hours with tests, we used the services of an actor/stand in who was about the same hight and complexion as our subject to roughly set up our lighting, that way we would use the minimum amount of Charles’ time in the studio. The image took about 4 days to prepare an was accepted with no alterations.

we used 4 cameras – A Canon 7d for the setup and some roughs, a Hasselblad H4 for the main image, a Rolleiflex 2.8f for ourselves and a Nikon D800 as a backup.



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