Dexter Flecher Film Actor and Movie Director – A portrait session during the making of Wild Bill.

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November 12, 2011
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November 23, 2011

This image was taken during the last days of the filming of Dexter’s New Film Wild Bill, As a photographic portrait it is certainly an insight into this man’s brilliant mind and his deep understanding of the human condition. To make a work of such sensitivity and humour as Wild Bill, it is obvious the that the director must have lived a full and colourful life. Every moment of it is here in this illumination of his face. We hope you will agree with the Japanese Journal of Black and white photography: “This image of Dexter Flecher, A British movie actor, wins our image of the month: is poignant, reflective and sad but has a spark of humour. It is an iconic image of someone you think you know – but can never be sure you know at all. A brilliant example of understanding and control.To our panel a masterpiece of western photographic art. Most interestingly, the photographer work(s) anonymously as part of a UK photographic collective ”

We are proud that our image of Dexter, sees the light before the upcoming awards season kicks in. That way you can say you saw the glint of creative genius here first! Go dexter Go.


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