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September 23, 2011
Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8 L II USM Lens
October 6, 2011

the dream collection

We have been shooting material for a couple of new CD albums, each at opposite ends of the cost spectrum, but both enjoyable to work on and both involving truly talented performers.



the dream collection

The first album is for a male singer guitarist (we can’t say who for now), this is a fantastic multi level project for one of the most talented recording artists in the world, we are frankly amazed that they gave us this project, we did a very small job for this client a while ago (less than £200!) and they were so impressed they asked us to do this top level job ahead of virtually every other photographic agency and top professional music photographer in the country, and it is 200x the previous budget! They said it was because our emails are so funny… I think our photography and ideas might have a little to do with it  😉 Plus they already know we will do the best work that is possible. This project involving a large number of people and has led us to some really interesting top locations in the music business, we have only completed the work for the booklet so far and the planing for the cover and PR shoots. Unfortunately our contract prevents us from sating anything about who our client is for the time being but you can bet your bottom dollar tat this is going to be a monster album when it comes out in Feb next year. We have a few outtakes of these amazing studios, these are the locations where some of the best know songs in the music business were first recorded, it was humbling to stand in front of the microphones where the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin and Adel etc etc have sung, long into the night . We have included a few of our own compact camera “starstruck” images just for a taster.   Our other current music project is a solo female singer called Mara, She is producing a self financed album on very limited funds, with enough talent to go around twice over. She asked very us politely to do our best to help  her career with the funds available. We did a few test shots to get a feel for the project and see have Mara works on camera, take a look for yourself: Next stage will be a full shot and viral videos.


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