Sir Michael Caine – The great London actor – 6 times Oscar nominated, Knighted, A legend.

A few shots in the sand…
August 17, 2011
Photography in Cuba
September 3, 2011

Those eyes have seen a great deal of life. On first glance they look sad, then look again…


Sir Michael Caine

Or Maurice as he has always prefered to be called, is a “bloody funny bloke”… We have rarely laughed so much in as short a time, both the studio assistants were crying with laughter from behind the  reflectors and stands. Shooter One famous for being a very prepared and a fast photographer; completed the shoot in almost no time at all, and preceded to exchange jokes with this amazing actor until the “cars came” to take them both away.

Shooter One: “I have for a long time got the feeling that this man is little changed by 60 years as a professional actor, and that 6 Oscar nominations, a knighthood, 10 houses, and the rest have not gone to his head one jot. I have had the exact image I wanted in mind for a few months before the shoot. When I met him, I set up, framed and shot a short run of test frames, after which I took the shot followed by a few back up frames. And so I ended the shoot. What is the sense in wasting any more time shooting one of the coolest British “geezers” on the planet when you have your shot and you can be asking him about the script pace in Alfie. With some subjects it feels right to play for a while, try some crazy, but not on this one.

Some days I really like being fast, it took a while to get fluent with lighting and with people. Sometimes it backfires a little as people wonder if you are worth the fee. Time served from hundreds of shoots gives you some confidence,but does not in itself make you a cleverer or better photographer, but it paid off today. Some one once told me Leonardo DaVinci worked very very quickly; he knew that things could never be perfect, but still he kept trying to get there anyway. Not by trying the same thing again but by trying it differently until he had something. I can relate to that.”


We guess any image of Maurice is going to have a little bit of genius about it, but shooter One’s image seems to have more depth and gravity than any other recent picture we could find of this English icon. If any image conveys the man this is it and it has more than a little of that magic that makes the photograph.

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