Hair Whip Heartbreak

Slow Motion Testing Goes Slow
August 4, 2011
The Slow Motion Murder of Michael Jackson
August 15, 2011

New shoes then....

Naomi is 16, and works with us at photography factory when she is off school pretty much as an equal member. Lets be honest age is irrelevant in a great picture, plus she has a sense of the social media space to rival the best new media agency analysts. All the newest trends are always playing out as only she predicts. Her detailed clear and analysis of youth culture on the internet is worth a million dollars to us and she is a key member of our team. More importantly her simple black and white photographic portraits are utterly brilliant, an evocation of sub suburban teenage life as seen though the eyes of a 15 (now 16) year old girl. But on the day of this slow motion test Naomi was not her normal beautiful smiling dry sarcastic self (think Juno with a camera). Recently she had a relationship with a Hollister lookalike boy end in an unfair way (what was ever fair about being 16?) and have to get it all dragged around the internet as the aftermath played out on FaceBook in a very modern and very public way. So in other words she was putting on a brave face. We all involved setting up the high speed camera and needed someone to stand in as a lighting dummy, When shooter one had the idea to getting someone to shake their hair around… and see how it might look at 2000 fps. Naomi stepped up to the plate and quite shocked us by the force and passion she used to whip. The beguiling result is here… if you look at here closely you can see something else:
Something about that action and the air swishing though her hair just seemed to change her mood, as if she had just tossed away the weight of an the old nightmare, something thick and heavy that had been clinging to her, but suddenly it was gone. As she was hair whipping for the camera, shooter one quietly said to himself:
“Go girl, shake that boy right out of your hair…


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