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A carefully edited selection of things and lies people are:

saying about

  •  Online    “A consortium of  unstoppable talent”  2007
  •   Mickey Rourke – Actor – Los Angeles USA:  “You guys are nuts!”  June 2009
  • Karma Loop in Art and design, LA California:          Introducing Photography-Factory UK, a group of photographers and filmmakers dedicated to providing some of the sickest still photos, viral films and advertising campaigns on the net. In downtime, however, this crew has lots of fun with its work… especially on the viral end. Check out some of the collective’s slow-motion film:
  • Monika Gaba, singer, model, actress, -Miami USA:            ” I love your viral video Amazing Bottom  I almost want a bottom slap as well  😉 ”  August 2011
  • Michael Wilson, of -Ontario Canada, About  Slow Motion Skipping:                        “Of man’s achievements… this.”  July 2011
  •    “No doubt responsible for the fall of Rome too”  2011
  •   Pablo Roldan Director, Producer   “god! i’m crying now..”    July 2011
  •    Samantha Rae – Vimeo Blogger UK:   About Hair whip heartbreak “I love how this video gave me goosebumps… thank you for capturing pure raw emotion… absolutely gorgeous but yet simple! xoxo”      August 2011
  •  STVRocket – Youtube Comment: About Slow Motion Skipping “This is why YouTube was invented. I’m sure of it”     August 2011