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October 11, 2011
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October 18, 2011

Oct 2011

We do quite a lot of top quality commercial still photography, most of the time the clients have a very clear idea of the type of glossy image they are hoping for. We almost always do a far better job than the clients were expecting, mainly as we have between us a vast experience of lighting setups and studio techniques, unfortunately most of this work has a slightly familiar feel to it. The most interesting work we do is usually for ourselves or sometimes for a glossy magazine who are trying to break the mould and out do the competition with something very original.

Earlier this year we did some tests into creating some commercial product photography by shooting the same product under several different lighting conditions and slowly adding the results together in photoshop to evolve a very unusual product image. something that lacked the zazz of hi contrast lighting and bold reflections,

the reason that this is unusual is that this image is impossible, it could never have been produced in camera, the various exposures would have canceled each other out. We used various masks and blending options just to be able to put these composite images together, and a whole lot of seat of the pants judgement to find the right balance. It is not quite there as we did some conventional stuff a few day later that the client like much more.

In total we made this image from 11 separate exposures and including rim living and backlighting versions.

I hope you will agree that the results have a certain something, i think we need to take this idea a lot further. I hope we find the time soon.

a huge amount of work produced this enigmatic image... but is is better?


The images were shot on a 105mm nikon micro lens mounted on the most solid study stand we could find in the UK.


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