Industrial Portraiture

Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8 L II USM Lens
October 6, 2011
Product Photography
October 12, 2011

We were recently asked to shoot an “at work” portrait for a series of wonderful craftsmen in there places of work, these images will become a big bold book. We were highly inspired by this large budget commission, not just the joy of being paid the going rate for some professional photography. But we were inspired to be shooting some major talents in an area that these abilities are often unrecognised beyond their immediate colleagues and rivals .

Location is everything when trying to establish atmosphere this kind of image, the visual environment is king, the face of the individual is best represented as close to original sitter as possible (i.e. no clever flattery with the computer) and the artistry is in finding the setting and then using that make the atmosphere real.

We were so inspired that we when out and shot a few extra images for ourselves of people that were not in our clients book, primarily of the love of photography itself and as much as not to pay some small homage to a few brilliant craftsmen that we have run into over the years. Here is one of this photographic portraits:

The sitter is a certain martin wittering: he is among the finest motocycle tuners you can find, his loving hands will turn any off road motocycle into a small heep of angry joy. His face tells the story.







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