Photography in Cuba
September 3, 2011
Music is the food of Love
September 26, 2011

Sorry no film...

We are the official professional photographic consultants to an online jeans store.

We are currently working on the imagery for the new killer website, magazine advertising and some very clever bill boards. This is a major international campaign that we are undertaking, we are making a lot of amazing creative content for a small budget, but it is fun to do this giant killer stuff. We like new media and are inspired to be treading new ground almost daily in this emerging and very young viral space, still there is little substitute for photographic talent; so we need to come down from the great ideas tower and get into the studio and shoot images and make films. The best ideas often come to us when shooting other ideas, forward motion. I often wonder how advertising executives get any inspiration sitting at a desk?




We are going to paris and milan to do some castings and make a few virals for this project, in the coming weeks. After that we are undertaking a special effects and animation idea that is really crazy and will top the 3.3 million views our last set of virals achieved in the 2 or so months it has been active. We will put these new works up as soon as we have an Ok from the client to show some stuff (i.e. as soon as they have gone to “print” themselves).

This kind of fashion photography relies on team effort, you are only as cool as your “weakest” link, the makeup artist is as important as the model as the set builder as the retoucher; one can easily ruin the good work of the other. Fining creative people of this level of talent is sometime the hardest part of this kind of work. The search for brilliant talent to work with who will not drag down our ideas is never ending. If you are really something special get in contact ; )

It is all go at the factory this week, i have hardly has a moment to polish my old Rolleiflex still this stuff is fun.

Shooter one

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