A few shots in the sand…

The Slow Motion Murder of Michael Jackson
August 15, 2011
Sir Michael Caine – The great London actor – 6 times Oscar nominated, Knighted, A legend.
August 23, 2011

We are currently involved with making an interesting art film about off road motorcycling or dirt bikes, we are working on something the sector has never seen before: an art film with superlative cinematography and massive production values.



In the process of doing this work, we have been working with some of the most interesting people in this sector. One of them was a young lady called Donna Grey, donna is a enduro champion, she has been helping train us in the ways of riding high power bikes on loose and shifting surfaces. While we were filming some pretests she was on hand to give us technical advice. As we were on hand with a 3 Canon 7d’s we could hardly turn down her request to take a few images for her new website. You can see the results below:



one finger on each lever...












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